• We are not related to FEMA, the Red Cross or any relief organization or government agency in any way.

    This weblog is a public forum, which we do not screen, and we do not make any representation to the accuracy or the reliability of the comments published here. We reserve the right to delete items posted on this weblog that we feel are inappropriate

  • PLEASE NOTE, we have not vetted the people using our site to find or donate goods and services, nor can we vouch for them. It’s critical that you speak with them to determine whether it’s a good match and decide whether you feel comfortable donating or accepting goods from them. We strongly urge you not to accept an arrangement that doesn’t feel right. If you connect with an evacuee or donor and you think for whatever reason it’s not a good match tell them so. If you suspect that a donor is not coming through with a donation that they’ve offered, please email us the information so we can avoid this happening in the future. Also please note that the name of evacuees and the items they have received may be shared with the social service providers in the Los Angeles area.

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August 24, 2006