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August 24, 2006



I have gently used and some new girl's clothes in size 5/ 5T and in size 6. Contact me if you want more specifics or would like me to send them.


I have 4 or 5 Men's suits that are approx. size 36 waist... They are very nice suits for someone who might be interviewing for jobs. Also, have men's shoes size 10 - 11. And women's clothing size 4-6. Let me know if you'd like to pick them up in West Los Angeles. Thanks!

Luisa Latham

I have some women's clothing for the workplace- suits and blouses and skirts, sizes 8 and 10. They are used but in very good condition. Please let me know if you can use them. I also have some boy's clothing XL, some of it hasn't been worn.
Contact me and we'll make arrangements to get it to you.


I have a used baby exersaucer and pack 'n play that we are no longer using. Both are in good condition.
I also have some 3-6 month girl's clothing.


I have gently used clothing and toys for a boy aged about 7-9 years. If you are in the Los Angeles area, please contact me.

Kisa V Woods

To whom it may concern,
Our office held a school supplies drive and collected the following items:

Units Item Description
16 Crayons Non-Toxic(24 ct)
5 Assorted Highlighters (12 ct)
2 #2 Pencils (48 ct)
1 #2 Pencils (30 ct)
10 #2 Pencils (10 ct)
2 #2 Pencils (24 ct)
1 #2 Pencils All in 1 (14 pencils; 6 cap erasers; 4 foam grips; 1 sharpener)
1 #2 Pencils Shrek Theme (8 ct)
1 Glitter Pencils (7 Pencils; 7 Cap Erasers) Lead # Not Specified
2 Colored Pencils Non-Toxic (15 ct)
1 Colored Pencils Non-Toxic (24 ct)
1 Assorted Fine Line Markers Non-Toxic & Water Soluble
2 Ball Point Pens ~Medium Point ~ Black (10 ct)
1 Ball Point Pens ~Batman Theme~ Point Not Specified~ Black (8 ct)
1 Ball Point *click Pens ~Bold Point ~Black (4 ct)
1 Ball Point Pens~ Medium Point ~ Black (12 ct)
1 Ball Point Pens~ Medium Point ~ Blue (12 ct)
4 Eraser Caps (24 ct)
7 Eraser Caps (12 ct)
2 Eraser Caps Monkey Head Pencil Petz Theme (10 ct)
1 Eraser Caps (5 ct) Pencil Grips (5 ct)
1 Pencil Sharpener Computer Mouse Theme (3 ct)
5 Junior Scissors Ages 4+ (2 ct)
24 Rulers Wood
6 Rulers Colored, Flexible
1 Glue Stick Non-Toxic, Washable (3 ct)
13 School Glue Non-Toxic, Washable (4oz)
10 School Glue Non-Toxic, Washable (5oz)
10 Pencil Boxes ~ Assorted Colors
1 Small Stapler w/Staples
1 Small Stapler w/Staples & Staple Remover
9 Calculator ~Hand Held ~ Battery Operated (Incl.)
12 Protractors Plastic
10 Bow Compass w/extra pencil, safety lock, safety point and divider
6 Pencil Compass w/ Safety Tip
2 Ruler (6 inch), Eraser Compass Kit
2 6 Subject Notebook
6 Book Covers stretchable, washable, re-usable
14 Notebook Paper College Ruled (150 ct)
1 Notebook Paper College Ruled (200 ct)
11 1 Subject Spiral Notebook~ College Ruled (70 ct)
3 1 Subject Spiral Notebook~ Wide Ruled (70 ct)
10 2 Pocket Folders (3 ring binder ready)
27 2 Pocket Folders (3 ring binder ready)
6 Quad Pocket Back Packs
1 Girl's Back Pack

The site we were originally donating through has been having massive problems and have since stopped communicating altogether and now we fear our efforts are going to go to waste. It is our hope that there is a need for the supplies that we have collected and we'd like to give through Clearinghouse. Our office is Mid-Wilshire and I live approximately 15 minutes away from the airport. It would be great if I can bring these supplies to you so that they can be put to good use. I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you for your time,



I Love you girls



I am a plus size woman and ever since the scandel with the anti anorexia posters I am proud to flaunt my curves. This trend for the last decade to look like a skeleton because supermodels were doing it ...is unhealthy. A real woman is supposed to have curves...period!


TOYS AND BOOKS FOR KIDS: We have gently used stuffed animals for children. We also have a lot of gently used books for kids approximately ages 8-15. We would be more than happy to share these things and put a smile on a child's face.

In the Hollywood area.
Email jennifersuewhite@hotmail.com


To Fred in LA:

I have lots of stuffed animals and toys for your son if you still need them. :]]

Danielle, I can also help you out.

I am also able to donate teen girls clothing, sizes 3-9. The items I have are mainly shirts.

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